• Bringing Science to Customer Engagement

  • Purpose

    Consumer preferences are changing. Today’s consumer evaluates and shops for products in a much different way than consumers did twenty, ten, or even five years ago


    Amplify RPM is a joint venture between Flow Automotive and Inmar. The firm benefits from the experience and expertise of each organization.

    Who We Are:

    AmplifyRPM is a joint venture matching the advanced engagement capabilities of Inmar, a global commerce technology company, with the data and industry insights of eight of the country’s largest privately-held franchise automobile conglomerates.


    We are combining predictive analytics, machine learning and proven promotion technologies with hard-won insight and time-earned business acumen to build an engine for disruptive marketing automation in the retail automotive vertical.

    What We Do:

    Our mission is to enable sustainable engagement between dealers and customers, helping create long-term, revenue-generating relationships. We use data science and proprietary platforms, buttressed by broad business savvy, to stimulate and accelerate dealer-customer interchange that engenders the deepest level of customer loyalty while surfacing additional opportunities for recurring, profitable interaction.


    Deploying solutions for large, progressive dealership groups demonstrating a commitment to enhanced customer engagement, AmplifyRPM delivers bespoke technology that automates and elevates every aspect of the customer retention function.

  • Approach

    Amplify utilizes volumes of transactional and demographic data and leading-edge technology

    to enable tactical, targeted marketing characterized by a level of personalization and rigor previously unrealized by automotive dealerships.

    Creation & Optimization

    Personalized promotions are developed and deployed based on predictive models informing deep customer segmentation.

    Automation & Execution

    Automated campaigns are executed across multiple media channels in precise cadence with customer preferences.


    Systems are created using multi-variant testing to deliver a positive consumer experience and maximum customer value.

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